AWS x Dhwani’s Tech for Good workshop: Unleashing social impact through Technovation  


In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, as a civic organisation / non-profit organisations staying updated with the latest technology trends is crucial. Amazon Web Services (AWS) India and Dhwani RIS collaborated for the Tech for Good workshop, bringing more than 50 development sector organisation under one roof for knowledge sharing, skill development, and fostering innovation. Passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds took the platform to learn, collaborate, and explore new possibilities. Amazon Web Services and Dhwani highlighted the significance of tech solutions, key elements like data collection tools, CSR grant management applications, uses of dashboards, chatbots and the transformative experiences it offers. 

The most unique purpose and set of objectives for this workshop were advancing the understanding of the already available free tools in the market and how to utilise them better accordingly. 

Shobhit Mathur, Lead – Partnerships, Dhwani RIS along with Pranjali Khare, Business Development Manager, NPO at AWS India, flagged off the event by setting the tone and discussing the emerging industry trends. Taking into consideration that participants came with different levels of expertise, ranging from beginners to seasoned professionals, the aim was to cater to their needs effectively. Common challenges and pain points for using digital sources were focused on. It was also found that issues mostly arise when the top-to-bottom approach does not work and there is a lack of desire to use technology by the people working in the field. 

The solution to this relies on improving technological acquaintance through gradual guidance, step-by-step training, workshops, introducing linguistic changes, and making the data collection process more lucid and less complicated.  

Swapnil Aggarwal, Director, Dhwani RIS took the discussion to the next level. With his years of expertise and practical experience, he dissected the most debated question of “to build or to buy?” He invigorated the question mark, “Do we really need a dashboard or an app for data acquisition, decoding, and analysing field surveys, or could it be done in house?” 

In this scenario, time-saving and better-resulting “over-the-counter” applications can come in handy for initiatives. Here, the tech tools formulated specifically for social impact projects come into play: open-source data collection software like MForm, end-to-end grant management tools like MGrant, dashboards for collected databases, and the use of ChatBots. Alternative field engagement and interaction tools and how to use features on WhatsApp to empower beneficiaries. 

Gaps were bridged through practical applications and case studies that demonstrate how technology is transforming the development sector. Success stories showcased real-life examples of leveraging technology to solve complex problems and drive impact value. The session concluded with theory and real-world implementation challenges, inspiring participants to think critically and creatively.  

Sujai J, Solutions Architect – Non-Profits, AWS (Amazon Web Services) India delivered an in-depth session on how nonprofits can avail of beneficial products from AWS India. Distinguishing features were shared with the participants, with an emphasis on hands-on learning regarding decision-making when it comes to procuring cloud, machine learning, and artificial intelligence services. This immersive session enabled to gain a deeper understanding of how nonprofits can keep pace with current technology offerings and improve the outflow. 

A tech workshop is incomplete without practical applications and case studies that demonstrate how technology is transforming social impact. The use case activity brought the overall learning into practice and enabled cross learning, networking and teamwork. Participants were engaged via a situation and were expected to create the best possible tech solution for implementing the program; prompt was to bring their learning into action. All the groups presented very interesting proposals by combining their real-world experience and technology to solve the complex social issue with its solid foundational way forward. 

85% of the attendees rated the workshop excellent and their experience to be immersive. Development professionals from pioneer organisations appreciated the in-person interaction. The highlight of the event was healthy collaborative engagement, tech adoption and niche learning, business development, networking and lots of delicious meals! 

Amazon web services and Dhwani RIS Team

AWS x Dhwani Tech4Good workshop offered a transformative learning experience, empowering participants to unlock their potential, embrace innovation, and keep pace with the ever-evolving technology landscape. As the world continues to embrace digital transformation, Dhwani stands strong on its vision to empower grassroot level social organisations with technology-driven solutions. 

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