mLearn is a dynamic, do-it-yourself platform to address your specific e-learning needs.

What is mLearn?

About mLearn

Mobile based LMS Platform for cadre teams (ASHA, ANMs, Bank Sakhis, Pashu Sakhis, etc) 

A highly configurable tool, users can deliver, track, and document educational courses in a quick and easy way. 

The LMS platform provides a centralized platform where NGOs can deliver standardized training content and assessments, ensuring that all cadre teams receive the same quality of training. 

Allows you to create assessments, track learning progress and get smart insights into trainees’ behavior.

Challenges of Field Cadre Teams

There is no doubt that data is critical from the lens of learning about beneficiaries, and program efficiency and they are a few key challenges that the social sector have to tackle to ensure data-driven decisions are accurate.



NGOs must train large numbers of cadre teams across multiple locations, making it difficult to ensure consistent training standards.



NGOs need visibility into the effectiveness of their training programs and identify areas for improvement.



Cadre teams often work in remote or rural areas where access to training resources is limited, making it difficult to access content.



NGOs need to keep track of training progress and ensure that cadre teams have completed all necessary training.

Key Features

mLearn DIY interface allows you to:

mLearn allows trainees to:

The DIY dashboards provides course organizers:

Type of Offerings

Saas / License Based
Client Ownership

Post Rollout Support

Dedicated project manager and data analysis support

Legacy data upload

User trainings

NGO team coordination

Bug fixing and issue resolution

Feature enhancements


We have had a very good experience of working with Dhwani and they are our go-to technology partners for various programs. Dhwani brings in-depth knowledge and experience around low-cost technology solutions most suitable for the development sector programs. The team at Dhwani is young, motivated, and effective in identifying and delivering on business requirements. The partnership with Dhwani has been instrumental in bringing the benefits of digital technology in streamlining and managing project information and beneficiary data in TRIF.

Anish Kumar

Managing Director, Transform Rural India Foundation

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