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Our Story

The underlying passion of harnessing the power of technology for social change led to the birth of Dhwani RIS in 2012. The idea took shape during one of the internships undertaken by Dhwani’s Founders Sunandan Madan and Swapnil Agarwal at the Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA). While working closely with the rural NGOs and BoP level organizations, they discovered how these organizations are still lagging behind in terms of technology usage, they sensed a Need! They realized that there is a dearth of people and organizations who have a strong background of technology and development space. They knew there is no fixed formula to solve problems. Every organization has a distinct issue and the more appropriate way to resolve them would be by developing context-specific customized solutions.


To reduce technological barriers for non-profits and social organisations by empowering and capacitating them with tailor-made technologies.


To provide integrated and smart ICT tools to impact initiators in streamlining work process on and off the ground.

Core Values

Social Change

Development first, technology next! Build technologies to empower and change.

Process Oriented

For quality to sustain, processes must be followed.

Learn, Re-learn

Embrace knowledge. Learn to add value and build better.


Accountability and transparency, we stand by these two.

User Oriented

We build for you, with you. Our mission is aligned with yours.

“You are defined by the work you do, words you speak and actions you take. This forms the core of Dhwani’s work."

“We are bound by the collective vision – that we are development professionals first and technology providers later."


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