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Are you a social sector organisation facing the challenge of keeping track of the multitude of email threads for ensuring complete due diligence, tracking of achievements against various KPIs, and documentation involved with your various projects? Is your project data scattered everywhere, rendering you unable to collate last-mile impact?
Worry not! Because Dhwani Rural Information Systems (RIS) has the perfect solution for you! Our grant-making and project management system, mGrant, is a one-stop platform tailored to meet the needs of social sector organisations, CSRs (corporate social responsibility) foundations, philanthropic institutions, NGOs (non-governmental organisations), impact investors, and research and consulting firms, among other enterprises.

mGrant: A Journey of Evolution

Our journey began with an ambitious partnership with an FMCG major.  This collaboration birthed mGrant, a platform designed to simplify and streamline grant management. mGrant is a platform  that enables organisations to manage their funds, proposals, engage with grantees, and track their philanthropic and social impact. It is an all-in-one platform for CSRs, NGOs, Foundations, social enterprises, and other organisations looking to manage multiple funding resources and partnerships while achieving set targets.Since its inception   , Dhwani recognized the shared challenges experienced by other NGOs, foundations, and CSRs in managing grant recipients.  Originally designed for grant management, mGrant’s evolution includes features for direct project implementation, monitoring, and hybrid models, offering flexibility tailored to the unique requirements of organizations managing grants, executing projects, or both. This journey marks our commitment to innovation, shaped by a profound understanding of CSR, non-profit, and foundation needs. Consequently, various iterations of the platform were developed to address these needs, evolving into mGrant for both grant as well as donor management. Currently, it caters to the diverse need of 25+ NGOs, CSRs, and foundations, with over 1000+ non-profits benefiting from its operational efficiency .

Here’s how Dhwani fulfills the varied purposes of CSRs, NGOs, and foundations in managing grants and donors:

Our delivery approach is centred around a client-focused model. We work closely with our clients to deeply understand their unique needs and assess model the client would operate under to accordingly  configure mGrant to their specific requirements. This approach has been instrumental in our ability to serve a diverse clientele effectively.

Addressing Challenges through Key Features of mGrant

With mGrant, our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions to address these challenges through a diverse range of features and use cases that make our platform a certified all-in-one solution for all enterprises. This all-in-one solution addresses issues such as tracking multiple documents, conducting due diligence through emails, reviewing the performance of multiple projects simultaneously, and streamlining communication between donors and partners. Additionally, mGrant alleviates the hassle of filing MCA compliances, standardizing annual reports, collecting scattered project data, managing proposals efficiently, and consolidating information on KPIs, donors, NGOs, and vendors.

Throughout our journey, mGrant has worked with a diverse array of clients, spanning both non-profit organisations like Dasra, Smile Foundation, Access Development Foundation, UNICEF – Yuwaah!, and Charities Aid Foundation, as well as corporate giants including Mahindra, Godrej, Amazon, HDFC Bank, LIC, CAF, HT Parekh Foundation, and many more. Our platform has provided a consolidated digital interface with the following salient features:

Streamlined Fund Management: mGrant allows you to seamlessly manage funds from multiple sources, ensuring transparency and smooth operations into various projects
Financial Reporting: mGrant helps you provide clear insights into your project and organisation’s financial health through tracking project plans, commitments, disbursements, allocations, and utilisation of tranches all in one place.
Impact   Reporting: As per the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) framework, clients can track the LFA (activity, output, outcome, and impact) indicators of their various projects in real time through aggregated numbers/ on-ground surveys.
Flexible Reporting Frequency: Reports can be generated on an annual, quarterly, or monthly basis, whichever suits the needs of your organisation the best.
Consolidated Document Repository : All reports are organised in a centralised location for ease of access and streamlining project documentation with relevant approvals and expiry dates in place
Robust Data Security: At mGrant, we hold the data security of our clients in the utmost priority and are hence committed to adhering to the strictest security guidelines to safeguard your data. Our platform has already been verified under the OWASP Guidelines, Amazon Web Services, ISO 27001, and most recently, the VAPT assessment by an authorised third party.
Configurable User Management: Access permissions may be customised across primarily three views designed for three types of user roles, i.e., the Admin, the Partner Admin, and the Partner Field Executive with configurable approval matrices for upto 4 levels
Mobile Application Offering: The mGrant platform is also available as a mobile app with offline capability and multilingual support in order to support the needs of the development sector organisations that we tend to work with.
Access Options: mGrant is accessible on an annual subscription basis and it may be hosted on cloud or on premises as well.
mForm  Integration :  mForm is a one stop platform encapsulating dashboards, easy data migration, survey builder, training session data collection and visualization platform designed with efficient task management capabilities to address your specific data collection needs which can be seamlessly integrated with mGrant.
Alerts & Notifications  : Notifications can be triggered seamlessly through mGrant’s notification centre to keep the NGOs as well as the organisation users stay updated about the due digilience process of the proposal submission or onboarding, ensuring real time updates.
Annual Action Plan : mGrant has a focused compliance on the Annual Action Plan, which mandates CSR Committee of the company to provide for modes of utilisation of funds.
Proposal module : mGrant allows the organisations to float proposals and receive the submissions from multiple NGOs, allowing them to shortlist and award the proposals all in one place.
Partner profile : mGrant allows seamless onboarding of the NGO and third-party vendor partners, ensuring all the crucial information is captured in one place

At Dhwani RIS, mGrant’s journey over the past four years is a testament to the transformative power of technology for organisational and social impact. MGrant serves as evidence towards Dhwani’s commitment towards delivering the highest standards and seamless technological solutions, as exemplified by our recent milestone of successfully passing the VAPT  (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test) assessment. This achievement underscores our dedication to uncompromising security standards and maintaining the highest levels of excellence.
Our doors are always open for organisations that share our vision for a more sustainable, equitable, and tech-driven future. If you are a non-profit or development sector organisation looking to maximise your impact and streamline grant management, feel free to reach out to us at

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